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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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result of which man becomes possessed, either
by the elementary, cosmic, telluric powers of the
earth, of race, nation and sex, or by the ele-
mentary social forces of economic interest, money,
class, social grouping, party. But spiritually,
man is completely disorganized. He has lost
his spiritual resistance to suggestion and pos-
session. This is the loss of the very principle
of personality, since personality is spirit, the
spiritual resistance against all demoniac posses-
sion by impersonal cosmic or social forces. The
work of the spirit is to illuminate man's physical
and mental nature.

Only a mobilisation of the spirit can be set up
against modern collective insanity and demoniac
possession, against modern polydemonism and
idolatry. Social organization alone is powerless
to struggle against this chaotic decay of the world
and of man. The world threatens to become an
organized and technicized chaos in which only
the most terrible forms of idolatry and demon-
worship can live. Once again, man must return
to monotheism, or else degenerate, be resolved
into cosmic elements compulsorily organized into
social collectives. The process of degeneration
may go on in two directions, toward animalism
and toward " machinism."

A new Christian piety must be revealed in
our world. And upon this new Christian piety